Acca rap guide

Thanks a lot to the all the tutors and the Admin team. Especially due to the teaching and staff. I find the programs offered by Phoenix are well structured and quite comprehensive. I was able to go to the examination with a degree of confidence.

Acca rap guide

Heeba, you were amazing! Thank you for all your support and for entertaining our million questions out of class hours.

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As the OBU program is completely different from the ACCA papers, I was extremely sceptical but the promising reviews of the PFT mentoring program did not take long to convince me to enrol for the course.

Heeba and Ayesha were my mentors and I applaud their patience and professionalism with which they handled all the students. They not only said that they would be accessible via various means of communication but were actually available on Whatsapp, Skype and email every time I had a query.

Their strong critique and evaluation of my project helped me get a Pass grade on all components of my project. Both guided me at every step. Both the mentors' availability would sometimes surprise me as I could contact them over Whatsapp, email or skype at any time. The detailed feedback throughout my OBU BSc journey played an important role in my success and is one of the reasons I would recommend Phoenix's Oxford Brookes University Mentoring Program to anyone who wants to pass in the first go!

She would patiently answer any queries that I had pertaining to the RAP. She would also provide feedback and identify mistakes in my work which helped me in preparing my RAP. I really appreciate the support and guidance that she provided me whilst I was preparing the RAP.

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If you are planning to go for OBU, don't think twice before registering with Phoenix! It was indeed a great experience and has taught me numerable lessons. My BSC project has been successful because of an incredible mentor who guided me and kept me motivated and focused throughout the whole thesis process.

She kept me determined and gave strong critique which ultimately helped me achieve my goal. I applaud the professionalism and discipline that my mentor displayed throughout this whole process and is certainly among one of the valuable things I have learned.

A massive thank you to Ayesha Ma'am for mentoring me throughout the project. Her kind, facilitative and dedicated nature further motivated me to complete the project in a timely fashion.

F5 was one of the toughest papers for me but with their relentless support, I was successful in my exam attempt. Tutors elsewhere are not as invested as ones here at PFT and I say this because Sir Taha went out of his way and inspired me during F5 QBE by sharing his life story and struggles while studying ACCA โ€” whereas other tutors like to boast about their own successes.

Thank you for always being there and for your constant support and endless cooperation! What sets us apart from other institutes MH: The tutors are available around the clock and they have a greater sense of responsibility to help the students pass their exams rather than just delivering the lectures.

What advice would you give to the finalists MH: Candidates follow the professional approach told by professional tutors to attempt the exam. Leave all the generic thinkings aside.

What is your favourite memory of PFT? The tension on sir Nikhil's face seems more than students face during exams days.

Acca rap guide

He constantly repeats "We have covered everything". These dialogues play in my mind like a film!

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Thanking my P3 tutor Taha Zia for all his guidance, support and writing tips to help me score 78! Every paper of ACCA had started with lots of anxiety but the teaching and the studying pattern set by my phoenix tutors made everything get into its place and i could make it through my exams.

I take this opportunity to thank Phoenix in my journey I have done all my classes with Phoenix and the brilliant and very helpful tutors who have guided me in every possible way.

Special thanks to Vignesh,Nikhil and Richard for their immense support at all times especially odd times of the day. Thank you once again!!Purchase ACCA standards, manuals, software, training programs and other resources for HVAC contractors and professionals.

Hello! Are you about starting the OBU Research and Analysis project for the first time? Or are you one of the many people who FAILED the OBU RAP First time, and are now looking to re-submit the RAP, perhaps for the second or third time?, You have come to the right place..

I am Azia Allen, a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and a Registered Oxford Brookes University Research and.

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OBU, ACCA, Oxford Brookes University BSc Honours in Applied Accounting, The Research & Analysis Project (RAP), Information Pack, The mentor should be someone whom you feel is the right person to help guide you through the RAP process.

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What is the RAP Resubmission process? by Anna Lishman ยท Published March 24 so please identify yourself in any documentation using only your ACCA number and not your name. I want to know whether i need to update my RAP according to latest F/S or i can use the previous RAP for submission period Kindly guide me.

Thanks. Anna Lishman. Referencing โ€“ The Open Tuition Ultimate Guide to Referencing your RAP Free resources for ACCA and CIMA students Free ACCA and CIMA on line courses | Free ACCA, CIMA, FIA Notes, Lectures, Tests and Forums.

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Referencing โ€“ Ultimate Guide to Referencing RAP